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Elizabeth Kennedy

Elizabeth Kennedy

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Children's books have played a prominent role in Elizabeth Kennedy's career in PreK-12 education. As a journalist, Elizabeth Kennedy has reviewed and written about children's literature for more than a decade.


Elizabeth Kennedy has an extensive background in education, having worked as an early childhood educator, elementary school teacher, museum educator, and PreK-12 arts-in-education program director over the past thirty-five years. As a writer, her work has been recognized with first place awards from Kansas Press Women and the National Federation of Press Women.


Elizabeth Kennedy holds a B.A. degree from Brown University where she majored in English Literature. She earned her MS in Instructional Design and Technology from Emporia State University. Elizabeth Kennedy has also taken additional coursework in education and children's literature.

By Elizabeth Kennedy:

My love of children's literature began when I was a child living in northern New Jersey, continued during my college years at Brown University, and blossomed as I read to my own children and began using children's books in my work as an educator.

An amazing number of children's books are published every year. My job as the Children's Books Guide for About.com is to help you find the books best suited for your own children and/or the children you serve.

I want this site to be a resource for parents, teachers, caregivers, librarians, writers, illustrators, and others who work with children and value children's literature.

In addition, in order to cover as many books as possible, teen librarian Jennifer Kendall (biography will be regularly reviewing and recommending books for teens and Jean Hatfield (biography), a head librarian with extensive experience in children's literature, will provide occasional reviews of books for middle grade readers.

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