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How To Find a Book For a Beginning Reader


Here's some information on children's books for beginning readers that will help you find a book that's at the correct reading level for your child.
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: 20 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Check in the children's section of your public library and see if there is a separate section of books labeled "Beginning Readers." Many libraries do have at least several sets of shelves set aside for beginning readers.
  2. If not, you will have to ask the librarian if she can assist you. At the same time, ask her if she has a list of books at the various reading levels that you can have. Many libraries offer online booklists.
  3. If you use an online bookstore, you can usually do a search to find out what the store has in the beginning reader category.
  4. If you go to a bookstore, particularly one of the larger ones, you will probably need to look in several sections.
  5. Random House is the publisher of Beginner Books. On the front cover of all of the books is a logo with an illustration of the Cat in the Hat on it. The books include humor and rhyme and, as the title suggests, are directed to the beginning reader.
  6. Beginner Books are often shelved separately next to Beginning Books and Early Readers. While the Beginner Books are hardbound, almost all of the books in the other categories are softbound.
  7. There are a large number of short chapter books available for young readers.
  8. Other reading series include Step into Reading, published by Random House, Green Light Readers, published by Harcourt Brace and DK Publishing's Eyewitness Readers.


  1. Beginning readers need books with a controlled vocabulary, books that were specifically developed for children to read to themselves.
  2. Many books that are suitable for listening to have too difficult a vocabulary for independent reading.
  3. Take the time to review the selection of available books so that you can choose a book that suits both your child's interests and reading level.

What You Need

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