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How To Find Books For Very Young Children


You need to be selective when you choose a book for the child who is still a baby or toddler. Very young children are as apt to chew on a book as to look at it. What children's books will you hold and read to them and what, such as board books, can they handle themselves?
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 20 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Board books, sturdy books with stiff, cardboard pages, were designed for small children. Many public libraries have board books, and they are also available at bookstores.
  2. Generally, you will find a separate board book section in a bookstore, with cloth books nearby. Cloth books also work well with very young children, although there are far fewer available.
  3. Many popular picture books have board book versions.
  4. Board books generally feature bright colors and limited text. Alphabet books often have one letter and one word per page, for example. Board Books often have photographs of children or objects as illustrations.
  5. "Pat the Bunny" is a classic, interactive board book for very young children. Children enjoy patting the bunny, smelling the flowers, and hearing the story again and again (and again).
  6. Pop-up books also appeal to small children. However, if your child loves to pull and rip, you may find your pop-up books dismantled quickly.
  7. Small children enjoy simple stories with appealing illustrations.
  8. Wordless books are also very popular. Just as the name implies, wordless books are books without words in which the story is told through illustrations.
  9. There are many picture books available. Both hardbound and soft bound books are available at bookstores. Libraries generally have a good-sized section of shelves devoted to picture books.
  10. If you start with picture books with little text and read to your child daily, in no time your child will begin to be able to focus on longer and longer stories.
  11. Softbound picture books are good first picture books for young children to use. They are small enough for little hands to handle. They are also reasonably sturdy.
  12. Small children also enjoy interactive concept books. These can range from counting board books to cloth books with laces, snaps, and zippers.


  1. Check out the board book, pop-up book and picture book sections of a book store when looking for books for very young children.
  2. If you have a favorite picture book, ask if it comes in a board book version.
  3. Once you have found some books, read to your child every day.

What You Need

  • children's books
  • time
  • enthusiasm
  • library card
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