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How To Find Non-Fiction Children's Books on Animals


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Many children are very interested in learning more about their favorite animals, from those at the zoo to the family pet. Where do you go to find books to buy or borrow?
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 15 minutes

Here's How:

  1. At the library, check the card catalogue. If the library is online, type in the keyword "animals" if you want to know about all the books on animals they have. If you want books on a specific animal, type in the animal's name.
  2. Many non-fiction hardbound children's books do not list the reading level. You may have to quickly scan the book to see if it is at the appropriate reading level for your child.
  3. Where you will find non-fiction children's books on animals in bookstores depends primarily on the size of the bookstore. Most bookstores have a separate science section that includes books on animals.
  4. Larger bookstores have separate animals and pets shelves in the science section.
  5. However, there may be other places in the children's section of the store where you can find the books you want.
  6. There are several publishers of softbound reading series that include non-fiction books on animals. One of the benefits of these books is the reading and grade levels are listed on the front covers.
  7. Some of these series are Random House's Step into Reading and Scholastic's Hello Reader.
  8. DK Publishing has some excellent Eyewitness Readers about animals.


  1. At bookstores, check both the children's science section and the softbound reading series.
  2. The softbound reading series are often found in spinners (spinning racks which display the books so their covers show).
  3. Online bookstores are also a good source.

What You Need

  • children's books

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