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Spotlight on Barefoot Books


Cover Art - Tales From Old Ireland - Irish Folktales and Fairy Tales

Tales from Old Ireland, published by

Barefoot Books


Barefoot Books is an independent publisher of children's books. The publisher puts great emphasis on both art and story. Many of its books celebrate stories from other countries and cultures.

The History of Barefoot Books:

The company began as a home business in 1993. It is now an international business, with offices in the United States and in the UK. Barefoot Books are available in bookstores and through Barefoot Stallholders, individuals who sell Barefoot Books products through home parties and community and school events.

Barefoot Books Today:

Barefoot Books sells more than just children's books. The company's emphasis on art is apparent in the items it chooses to sell. In addition to books, these include party invitations, thank you notes, gift wrap, original art, and artists' card portfolios. The company also sells audio CDs of some of its books.

Books Published by Barefoot Books:

Barefoot Books publishes books designed to spark children's imagination, encourage a creative spirit, and connect them with other people and cultures. Most of the books published by Barefoot Books are for children between birth and age ten.
Among the anthologies published by Barefoot Books are Tales from Old Ireland, Mother and Son Tales, Forest of Stories: Magical Tree Tales from Around the World, and Tropical Tales. Animal Boogie, Bear's Busy Family, and Big Brother, Little Sister are some of the Barefoot Books that make good read-alouds. Among the books I particularly like for little ones are Clare Beaton's Mother Goose Remembers and How Big Is A Pig?

The Barefoot Books Web Site:

The publisher's Web site features a lot of the artwork for which Barefoot Books is known. Some of the sections of particular interest are:
In addition to reading about Barefoot Books and seeing cover artwork, you can also order books and other products online. I hope you will visit this site and find out about all that Barefoot Books has to offer.

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