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Twilight and Tweens

What 9-12 Year Olds Think About Twilight


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Twilight and grade schoolers? Although the Twilight series is written for a teen audience, many of Stephenie Meyer's fans are still in elementary school. These tweens, 9-12 year old fans, are loyal and eager to share what they think about Twilight and the rest of the books in the series. Is Twilight age appropriate for tweens? Read this sampling of unedited comments posted by 9-12 year olds who've read the Twilight series. We received more than 100 comments about the age appropriate for the Twilight series and were surprised at the number of comments from younger girls.

Courtney says:

hey i am younger than 12 and read twilight and i am on the second one. I know a lot of kids that have read the book and i think it is a great book for all ages.

Kara says:

I’m 10 I read the first one but my parents won’t let me read the 2nd one. Do u think I should read it?

AJ says:

im 10 and im almost done with the series.there great!

twilight lover says:

im 11 and read the first 2 books mixed reviews on the last 2 books .i am mature and wondering am i old enough ? p.s.first 2 books rock

BriAnna says:

im 11yrs old and i’ve raed alll the books not
to brag but i read them in 5 days all 4 of them and yes i would recomend them 4 11yrs and up

Madison says:

I`m only nine and ive read them all. It is definetly not apropriate unless your machore but i no 7 year olds who read it and 46 year old and i definetly recomend it

Norah says:

Im a 10 year old girl and Ive read the 1st and 2nd books and i wanna read the 3rd and 4th!my mom said i could read the 3rd but not the 4th!i need to proove to her its ok to read both!UUUGHHH!Its hard being a kid!

Mattie (aka: Vampire girl) says:

I am 12 years old and I know a couple 8 or 9 year old girls who have read them. I am actually rereading the books. I LOVE Edward Cullen!!!! He is so HOT!! I loved the movie. I can’t wait for the “New Moon” movie to come out!!!

Lizzie says:

I’m 11 years old and i thought it was absolutely AWSOME!!! I know it is a little innaproprate but i think they are just great.i red then all in less then a week and sure i thought it was a little gross and disturbing with the whole breaking dawn thing, but I didn’t think it was such a big deal because all us fifth graders have had the talk and sixth graders(like me) have had it at least twice in school and a little bit with our parents so yeah i think it’s best for grade 5 and abover but i still think it was okay for us to read.

lara is a big fan says:

I LOVE TWILIGHT!!! It is my favorite book and all the girls are crazy about it. Some Of the boys in my year like the books and loads have seen the film and liked it. We are all 12/13. My brother was nine when he read twilight and liked it. He then read half of new moon and got a bit bored. I think they were a bit mature for him. However that doesn’t count for everyone who is below 11.

Bailey says:

Well i am 12 and i think the series is great and i would totally recromend it! =)

Gaby says: 

I am 12 but i think that the books are great my Mum says she dosent mind me reading them as long as I dont let it get to my head

Naomi and Jess says:

The fourth book is not a glorification of sex and pregnancy, it is a book about a MARRIED COUPLE who have a child, nearly dying in the process.
There is nothing wrong with children in secdondary school (high school) reading the Twilight series, as long as they are mature enough to read about kissing, and some vague references to sex which do not describe, in any detail, what they actually do.
If you are willing to let your children read Harry Potter, and see the films, which are the same rating as the currently released Twilight flims, then you really shouldn’t have a problem with letting them read the Twilight series, or watch the films.
It is a really good book and it’s not for any specific age my; Dad is reading it and says he likes it.
If you strip the story down to the basic plotline, it is just another Romeo and Juliet love story: two people of different families (species) fall in love.
It just depends on the maturity of the reader.
Just because it’s about vampires doesn’t mean that it’s scary or gory, it’s just another love story.
We’re mature enough to think this, and we’re 15 and 12.

caroline says:

im 9 and i read all 4 books which is not all about sex and pregnancy it is about forbidden love by a human and a vampire

Car says:

i am 12 and i think the first 3 are ok for younger ages but the 4th and final book are definitely for older ages or more mature people. the 4th book is not for 9, 10, and 11 year old’s but if the child is very mature and the parent approves of it, then the child should be ok with it. The parent of the child should read the 4th book before letting their child read it because it has some mature content.


i am 12 and i loved the whole series !!!
I recemmend these books to 12yrs and over because my cousin was 9 when she read them and she said they were quite werid!! But i told her to try again once she was a bit older , i loved the book because it explained how bella was feeling about edward and how she suffers when he leaves (in new moon)

Smash says:

Hi, I’m 11 years old and I read the books at 10, in year 5. Obviously I read the books before I saw the movie, as the books are DEFINITELY better. My 11 year old friend at the time recommended the series, and now I’m hooked. I assure you, I understand every aspect of the book and adore it, infact I think you could call it an unhealthy obsession…
It doesn’t matter what your age, it’s your reading age that counts. In primary school, the highest reading age awarded is 13+, so as long as you’re hypothetical age is over 11, you would probably understand the book.
Don’t be put off by people saying you are too young to read the book. In year 5 I read Animal Farm and The Diary of Anne Frank, and in year 6 I read The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and The Diary of Adrian Mole. If you feel that you want to read the book, do.

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