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20th Anniversary Edition of Magic Tree House, Book #1


The 20th Anniversary Edition of Dinosaurs Before Dark
Cover art for 20th Anniversary Edition of Dinosaurs Before Dark

20th Anniversary Edition of Book #1 in the Magic Tree House Series

Random House
Title: Dinosaurs Before Dark, 20th Anniversary Full-Color Edition, Magic Tree House #1

Author: Mary Pope Osborne (To learn more about the author and the series, read my interview with Mary Pope Osborne and my 20th Anniversary Author Interview.)

Illustrator: Sal Murdocca is the artist who has illustrated all of the books in the Magic Tree House series, as well as all of the companion nonfiction Magic Tree House Fact Tracker books.

For More: To learn more about the Magic Tree House series for younger independent readers, see my articles The Magic Tree House Series, Books #1-28 and The Magic Tree House Series, Books #29 and Up.

The Story: In Dinosaurs Before Dark readers meet brother and sister Jack and Annie, share their surprise at finding a magic tree house with lots of magical books in it in the wooded area by their Pennsylvania home, and experience the first of the siblings many magic tree house time-travel adventures, this one to the era of dinosaurs. For kids who want to know more after reading the book, there is an illustrated companion nonfiction Magic Tree House Fact Tracker book titled Dinosaurs, filled with interesting facts.

What's Special: Prior to this edition, print editions of Dinosaurs Before Dark (and all of the other MTH books up until book #29) have only been available paperback and library binding. The 20th Anniversary Edition is a hardbound edition with a dust jacket. The illustrations in the book are in color, unlike the original edition. There are 12 pages of new material, which includes a letter from author Mary Pope Osborne, additional dinosaur information, a biography of the illustrator, Sal Murdocca, the history of the Magic Tree House and more.

Copyright: Original paperback edition, 1992; anniversary edition, 2012

Release Date: September 2012

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9780375869884

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