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Ellen Hopkins

Her Life, Books, and Views on Censorship


Ellen Hopkins is a young adult author whose novels in verse are very popular among teens. Since the publication of her first book Crank in 2004 Hopkins has received praise and criticism for her work, and has become the target of many censorship groups. In this guide you will learn more about Ellen Hopkins as an author and an advocate for teens. You will also find information about the inspiration behind her books, her journey to becoming a bestselling writer, and her passionate views on censorship. In addition, you'll find an overview of the Crank Trilogy and a few book reviews of her most popular teen books.

1. Ellen Hopkins Author Spotlight

Ellen Hopkins has been writing stories since elementary school and had her first poem published in a local paper. Her road to bestselling author is as interesting as the subjects of her many books. Learn more about Ellen’s early writing career, her love of poetry, and her thoughts about the daughter who inspired the controversial book Crank.

2. Ellen Hopkins Interview

In this interview with Ellen Hopkins she answers questions about her writing, her influences, and the feelings she had the first time she learned one of her books was being challenged.

3. Ellen Hopkins on Censorship

What makes Ellen Hopkins’ books so controversial? Hopkins’ responds to book challenges and writes an anti-censorship poem in response to a community who refused to keep one of her books  in their schools. Read her poem, Manifesto, and learn more about her ardent views on free speech and censorship.

4. An Overview of the Crank Trilogy

Here is an overview on the trilogy that was inspired by Ellen Hopkins daughter’s personal experience with drug addiction.  Beginning with Crank, Hopkins introduces readers to the monster who took over her daughter’s life and changed their family forever.

5. Teen Book Review: Crank

Crank by Ellen Hopkins
Simon and Schuster

In an attempt to make sense of her daughter’s addiction to methamphetamine, Ellen Hopkins took her love of poetry and penned the story that would resonate with thousands of readers. Read this review to learn more about the book that put Ellen Hopkins on the road to becoming a bestselling author.

6. Teen Book Review: Burned

Burned by Ellen Hopkins
Simon and Schuster

Trying to break free of her abusive father and the rigid control of her beliefs, Pattyn Von Stratten spends a summer with her Aunt J and discovers her own power to make changes.  Ellen Hopkins gives voice and strength to a teen girl who never felt she was capable of standing on her own.

7. Teen Book Review: Impulse

Impulse by Ellen Hopkins
Simon and Schuster

Three teens recovering from suicide attempts become close friends while receiving counsel at Aspen Springs Rehabilitation Center. Hopkins’ close-up view of teens dealing with the serious issue of suicide an self-acceptance is a gripping reminder of the pressures facing many of today’s teens. Read this review to learn more about this powerful story about friendship and love.

8. Novels in Verse for Teens

A novel in verse is a story told in a series of poems, and is the format of choice for author Ellen Hopkins. Many teens enjoy reading this easy to follow and character driven type of writing.  Learn more about this style of writing and check out the recommended list of popular novels in verse for teens.

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