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Children's Books about Bullies and Bullying

Use children's books about the experiences of children with bullies and bullying to initiate a discussion with your child about coping with bullies and not bullying others.

Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli
In Stargirl, a novel by Jerry Spinelli, the author sheds light on bullying and peer pressure, recommended for ages 10 and up, a middle school favorite.

The Skinny on Bullying
For information about bullies and bullying for kids in grades 4-8, particularly those in middle school, I recommend The Skinny on Bullying, a good informational book about the subject, including cyberbullies and cyberbullying. The book contains definitions and advice for middle grade readers.

The Bully Blockers Club
The Bully Blockers Club is a children's picture book by Teresa Bateman in which the serious subject of bullies and bullying is covered with a light touch and excellent information about combating bullying at school.

Jake Drake Bully Buster
Jake Drake Bully Buster by Andrew Clements is a chapter book about dealing with a bully and overcoming bullying. It is part of a series about elementary school student Jake Drake.

Book Review: "Oliver Button Is a Sissy"
This picture book, written and illustrated by Tomie dePaola, tells the story of a boy who overcomes bullying, not by fighting, but by continuing to do what he likes best in spite of the teasing.

Anti-bullying Resources
The Colorado Anti-bullying site provides a short annotated list of books for kids and a long list of resources for adults.

Bullies in Children's Literature
Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site is an excellent resource for teachers. In this article, she discusses both picture books and novels about bullies that can be used effectively in the classroom.

Difference, Acceptance and Bullying
Booktrust, a UK reading and writing charity, provides an excellent annotated reading list, with cover art, for more than 2 dozen books for younger kids to teens.

Books About Bullying for Kids and Teens - Readers Respond Books About Bullying
Bullying - Are there particular books about bullies and bullying that you recommend for kids and teens? See how other readers respond and share your recommended kids books about bullies and bullying, as well as young adult books about bullies and bullying.

Wonder, A Novel for Middle Grade Readers
In her novel Wonder, R.J. Palacio addresses the issues of identity and bullying in this story about a boy who feels he is an ordinary boy but who looks anything but ordinary because of a facial deformity.

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