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Censorship / Banned Books

Learn about the censorship of children's books, the banning of the Harry Potter books, the most challenged books, organizations on both sides, and why people are for, or against, banning books.

Robie H. Harris Interview, Part 2: On Censorship
In this interview with Robie H. Harris, the author of several children's books about sex and sexual health that have been subject to censorship, she discusses parents' responses to her books, family values and fighting censorship.

Banned Books Week FAQs
Here you'll find information about Banned Books week, including when Banned Books Week is held, who sponsors it, and what the purpose of Banned Books Week is.

The Harry Potter Controversy
How are people responding to the Harry Potter controversy? What are people saying and doing as they either support the books or support banning or censorship of the popular series by J.K. Rowling.

Censorship, Banned and Challenged Children's Books
Learn about the books, mostly books for kids and books for teens, that were challenged in the last year and decade in book banning and censorship efforts.

Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson
Learn about Speak, an award winning and frequently challenged teen novel by Laurie Halse Anderson.

Ellen Hopkins on Censorship
The books of Ellen Hopkins, author of books for teens, have been targets of people who support book banning and censorship. Learn about Hopkins' view as a strong supporter of the right to read.

Banning and Censorship of Children's Books: The Who and Why
Here's an article about banning books for children that looks at the who and why of banning or not banning books.

Walter Dean Myers on Censorship
Learn more about author Walter Dean Myers, his views on censorship and his most challenged books for teens: Fallen Angels, Hoops, and Monster.

Who Should Censor Your Child's Books?
Vote in our poll and join the discussion on the About Children's Books Forum.

They're Burning Books Again
Learn about the history of book burning, children's book burnings, and the controversy about the Harry Potter books, from your About Children's Books Guide Elizabeth Kennedy.

Laurie Halse Anderson, Young Adult Author
Author Laurie Halse Anderson, award winning author of young adult books, is the author of Speak a book that has been challenged and been targeted for book banning.

Banned Books and Censorship - Most Challenged Books of 2005
Have you ever wondered why certain books are the target of individuals or groups who want them banned or censored? Generally, these are children's books or young adult books. Read this list of the ten most challenged books of 2005 and note the reasons and the online sources of additional information.

How to Save a Book from Banning
Here's a step-by-step guide to saving a book from banning, from the About Classic Literature Guide.

Censorship and Book Banning in Schools
This is an interesting article directed to secondary school educators about challenges to books used, from the About Secondary School Educators Guide.

Top Ten Banned Classics
This list contains books for adults and books enjoyed by both teens and adults.

What is a Challenge? What Does It Have to Do With Children's Books / …
Find out what a challenge is and what a challenge has to do with children's books, banned books and censorship. Learn about the most challenged books of the decade.

Censorship - Readers Respond - Would you ever challenge a children's …
Censorship and Banned Books - Readers respond to the question, "Would you ever challenge a children's book?" When someone wants to restrict access to a book, they challenge it.

Should There Be Children's and Teen Book Censorship - Readers Respond
Censorship of Children's Books - Censorship of Teen Books: Readers respond to the questions: Should children's books and books for teens be censored? If so, who should do it? Share your response and read the responses of others to the question of censorship.

All About the Banning of Books for Kids and Teens
Here's an annotated directory of what you need to know about book banning and censorship of children's books and books for teens.

An Interview With Ellen Hopkins
Author Ellen Hopkins' bestselling Crank Trilogy has been frequently challenged by adults who want the book banned from the library.

Ellen Hopkins
Read about the life of YA author Ellen Hopkins, reviews of some of her books in verse for teens and her views on censorship.

Walter Dean Myers on Censorship
Learn about Walter Dean Myers, author of award-winning and challenged books for teens and his views on censorship.

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