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Green Eggs and Ham Cookbook

Recipes Inspired by Dr. Seuss and His Books

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Cover art of Green Eggs and Ham Cookbook with recipes inspired by Dr Seuss
Random House

I was a little worried that the Green Eggs and Ham Cookbook, with recipes inspired by Dr. Seuss, would emphasize humor more than good recipes. I am happy to report I was wrong. The book's introduction states, "It was important to us that the recipes in the Green Eggs and Ham Cookbook be not only Seussian, zany, and fun, but also deliciously good and healthy, too." And that's what the Green Eggs and Ham Cookbook provides - a delightful combination of Dr. Seuss humor and good recipes.

The Creators of the Cookbook

Despite the fact that the Green Eggs and Ham Cookbook features artwork and quotations by Dr. Seuss, the recipes, with their amusing Seuss-related names, were not created by Dr. Seuss.  Instead, the recipes in the children's cookbook were developed by Georgeanne Brennan. Brennan is an award-winning author of cookbooks who operates a cooking school in southern France.

Frankie Frankeny, the food-and-wine photographer who did the photography for the Star Wars Cookbook, did the photography of the food. Each recipe is accompanied by a quotation from the Dr. Seuss' book on which the recipe is based, along with illustrations from the book.

The Contents of the Green Eggs and Ham Cookbook

The cookbook, which is designed to be used by adults and children working together, is divided into six sections, with five to nine recipes in each:
  • Breakfast – featuring Green Eggs and Ham, Flapjack Flapper's Flapjacks, among other breakfast delights
  • Beverages – including Silly Sammy's Slick Sodas and Circus McGurkus Pink Lemonade
  • Lunch – Cat's Mac and Cheese and Daisy-Head Maysie Burger are among the treats
  • Snacks – Schlottz's Knots are my favorite
  • Dinner – choices include Skipper Zipp's Chops and Chips and Yot in the Pot
  • Desserts – delectable desserts include Sneetch Treats and Who – Pudding.

Features of the Cookbook

The Green Eggs and Ham Cookbook has a spiral spine, which makes it possible to lay the cookbook flat while it is open and you are working on a recipe. The spiral is covered by the cookbook cover so you don't have to worry about the spiral getting dirty. Each recipe not only includes Dr. Seuss' illustrations and a quotation, it also includes detailed, easy to follow instructions, and a photograph of the finished product. The cookbook also includes basic safety tips.

My Recommendation

I think fans of Dr. Seuss (Theodor Geisel) will particularly enjoy the Green Eggs and Ham Cookbook, although the tasty recipes will also appeal to even more children and adults. The recipes are simple enough to make this a good book for the 7 to 12 year old child who wants to learn to cook. The cookbook will also be a hit with childcare providers and others who work with children. If you are looking for a gift for a family with children between the ages of 3 and 12, I recommend the Green Eggs and Ham Cookbook. (Random House, 2006. ISBN: 9780679884408)

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