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Encouraging Summer Reading

Summer Reading Resources for Kids and Teens


These 7 resources will help you to encourage your child or teen to read throughout the summer.  Summer reading is crucial to preventing your child's reading skills from slipping during the months away from school.  You'll find summer reading lists for kids and teens, an article about resources for reluctant readers, an article about all that libraries have to offer, and more. You can also learn how other parents are succeeding in encouraging their kids to read during the summer and share your own success.

1. Summer Reading Lists for Kids and Teens: 2014

One of my most popular features is always my annual compilation of summer reading lists that I recommend. I think the reason is that there are so many books for kids available that parents are eager for assistance, from credible sources, to help them with good choices for their children. These book lists come from schools, school districts, librarians and others with a knowledge of kids, reading levels and good books for young people. You're sure to find some books your kids will like on my Summer Reading Lists for Kids and Teens: 2014.

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2. Summer Reading Fun

Summer is a great time to enjoy reading for the fun of it, and there are a number of things you can do to ensure your children have lots of summer fun with books that they like and can easily read.  To learn about local and online resources that you can use to encourage your child to do a lot of recreational reading this summer, read Summer Reading Fun.

3. Resources for Reluctant Readers

If your child is a reluctant reader, whether a second grader or a sixth grader, what can you do to encourage him, or her, to read? Waht are some of the available resources?  What kinds of books are appropriate for the child who reads at a level 3 or 4 years below his age and interest level?  What are good ways to motivate the good reader who is just not that interested in reading?  Get the answers to these and other concerns when you read Resources for Reluctant Readers.

4. Readers Respond: Have you had success in encouraging summer reading?

Find out how other parents have successfully encouraged their kids to read during the summer and share your own success in encouraging your own kids.  You'll find responses and a link to a form where you can post your own response when you go to Readers Respond: Have you had success in encouraging summer reading?

5. Audio Books for Kids and Teens

There are lots of benefits of audio books, from improving listening and comprehension skills to motivating reluctant readers. An audio book can be a great way to introduce a series or a particular author to a child or teen.  Audio books can be an invaluable resource when you are on a trip.  For reading lists of recommended audio books, see Children's Audio Books to Enjoy at Home or on Vacation and Audio Books for Teens.

6. Save Money at Your Public Library

It's amazing how many free services you'll find at your public library, in addition to all those wonderful books.  They include summer reading programs and other special programs designed to keep your kids reading throughout the summer.  A library card is a treasure trove of adventure and knowledge and a weekly visit to the library will pay dividends in enjoyment and learning for the entire family. Read my article to learn more about how you can Save Money at Your Public Library.

7. How to Keep Teenagers Reading During the Summer

Do you need some ideas for keeping your teens reading during the summer and other school breaks? Here are 10 ideas, including enjoying a Book to Big Screen Night, that you can use to encourage your teenager to read all summer long.  Whether your teen is an eager reader or a reluctant reader, these tips will show you How to Keep Your Teenagers Reading During the Summer.

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