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Health: Mental and Physical

Here you'll find information about children's books that emphasize health and wellness issues, such as the first trip to the dentist, good nutrition, mental health, and exercise.

Children's Books About Sex and Sexual Health by Robie H. Harris
These four informational books by author Robie H. Harris provide children, from preschoolers to teens, with factual sex education about growing up, sex and sexual health.

Children's Books About Sex Education - Do You Use Them? - Readers Respond
Respond to questions and read the responses of other parents to questions a about whether you use sex education books with your kids, why or why not and if there are kids' books about sex education you recommend.

Hospital and Doctor Visits and More
The Child Life Department at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center recommends children's books to help kids cope with With hospital and doctor visits, as well as surgical procedures.

Depression and Mental Illness
Some of these children's books deal with coping with normal feelings of grief and sadness while others deal with mental disorders.

Nutrition Book Hunt
Here's a clever activity for the classroom or home that combines children's literature and healthy eating, from Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site.

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