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Look here for children's books about holidays and other special days, including Kwanzaa, Halloween, Hanukkah, and Christmas.

Give Children's Books As Father's Day Gifts
Celebrate Father's Day by giving a children's picture book about a father and child and the love between them to the special dad in your life.

Macy's on Parade! Pop-Up Book
Celebrate Thanksgiving with Macy's on Parade!, a colorful pop-up book about the annual parade, which attracts 50 million TV viewers each year.

Before You Buy Children's Christmas Hanukkah and Kwanzaa Books What You Need...
Children's Christmas, Hanukkah, and/or Kwanzaa books make good holiday gifts. Here are some recommended holiday pop-up and picture books.

Top 10 Children's Books of Irish Folktales and Fairy Tales
These children’s books featuring Irish folktales and fairy tales, can be enjoyed on St. Patrick's Day or any day of the year.

Top 10 Children's Books for Valentine's Day
These Valentine's Day books for children include both books about the holiday and books about love in families.

Children’s Books About Chinese New Year
These colorful children’s books provide information about family Chinese New Year / Lunar New Year celebrations in several locations in the United States, in China and in Korea.

Children’s Halloween Costumes Based on Children’s Books
Here;s what you need to know to make Halloween costumes based on children's books for your kids.

Hanukkah Haiku
Hanukkah Haiku by Harriet Ziefert is a children's picture book. For each day of Hanukkah, the book features an illustration by Karla Gudeon and a haiku about the celebration that day.

The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg
If you are looking for a classic Christmas picture book for children that adults wiil also appreciate, I recommend The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg.

Mary Engelbreit's Nutcracker
Get in the holiday mood with Mary Engelbreit's Nutcracker, a Christmas picture book retelling of Hoffman's The Nutcracker and the Mouse King. and the illustrations.

Best Children's Halloween Books
These Halloween books are perfect for younger kids and make great read-alouds for your kids or for a group at a Halloween party.

Home For Christmas by Jan Brett
If you are looking for a kids' book set in the Christmas season, I recommend Home For Christmas, a children's Christmas picture book by Jan Brett.

Best Halloween Board Books for Little Ones
Celebrate the Halloween holiday with Halloween board books for very young children, including toddlers and preschoolers. The books are not scary, but colorful and fun.

Children's Books About the Day of the Dead
Learn about the celebration of the Day of the Dead (El Dia Los Muertos) These children's picture books show how families in Mexico remember their deceased loved ones during the annual holiday.

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything
The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything is an entertaining Halloween picture book that can also be used as a beginning reader book.

Christmas Picture Books
My guide to recommended children's Christmas books not also provides a nice, big picture of the cover art for each of the books, it also provides a summary of the story and more.

Children's Books About Winter Holidays and the Winter Season
Here you'll find some of the best children's books about winter and snow, as well such holidays as Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa.

Celebrate Kwanzaa
Holidays Around the World - Celebrate Kwanzaa is a children's book about Kwanzaa. Celebrate Kwanzaa is a nonfiction children's book About Kwanzaa in picture book format. If you are looking for good children's Kwanzaa books, I recommend Celebrate Kwanzaa. It is part of the Holidays Around the World series published by the National geographic Society.

December Calendar of Children's Books
Here's the December calendar of children's holiday books - Christmas books for kids, children's Hanukkah books and children's Kwanzaa books.

Christmas Picture Books for Kids
Here's an assortment of Christmas picture books for children. While they vary in content, all are holiday books I think children will enjoy.

Valentine’s Day Board Books
These board books about Valentine’s Day will appeal to two- to four-year-olds. These Valentine’s Day board books, with their colorful illustrations and limited text, are just the right size for little hands to hold as you share them with your child. Max's Valentine by Rosemary Wells is a delightful Valentines' board book. Little ones will...

Great Joy
These are the best children's Christmas picture books published in 2007 that I have found. They include books about the birth of baby Jesus, (the Nativity), books about family celebrations, and children's Christmas picture books published in 2007 that celebrate the season of caring. The children's picture books about Christmas include Great Joy...

Best Children's Books About Thanksgiving
These children's books include picture books, both funny and joyous, as well as an excellent accurate history of the first Thanksgiving.

Celebrate Hanukkah
Celebrate Hanukkah is part of the National Geographic Society's Holidays Around the World is the National Geographic Society's series of children's nonfiction books about religious and cultural holidays. Like the other books in the National Geographic Society's Holidays Around the World series of of children's nonfiction books, Celebrate...

Classic Christmas Stories for Children and Families
This children's book edition of A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens, a classic Christmas story, is beautifully illustrated by P.J.Lynch. The classic Christmas story A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens, has been enjoyed by children and adults for more than 100 years.

Children's Christmas Picture Books by Mary Engelbreit
The bright, cheerful, and distinctive artwork of Mary Engelbreit infuses her children's Christmas picture books with a joyous spirit. The newest of the Mary Engelbreit children's Christmas picture books is A Merry Little Christmas. A Merry Little Christmas is a children's Christmas alphabet book.

Children's Hanukkah Books - Hanukkah Books for Children
Here are some good children's books about Hanukkah, including Hanukkah picture books, a chapter book, an anthology, and other children's Hanukkah books.

Top Picks: Children's Christmas Picture Books
Here are ten children's Christmas picture books, some old, some new, that I recommend because of the quality of the text and the illustrations.

Guide to the Top 10 Children's Christmas Picture Books of 2004
This guide to the best children's Christmas picture books of 2004 not only provides you with information about ten excellent children's books about Christmas that were published in 2004, it also provides a nice, big picture of the cover art for each children's Christmas.

Chldren's Christmas Books - Queen of Christmas by Mary Engelbreit
The children's Christmas picture book "Queen of Christmas" by Mary Engelbreit is one of my favorite Christmas books for children because of the illustrations by Mary Engelbreit and because this children's picture book humorously addresses the child, in this case a girl named Ann Estelle, who has a bad case of the Christmas "gimmees," wanting all of the Christmas gifts on her huge list.

Children's Christmas Picture Books - The Littlest Angel
Children's Books - The 2004 edition of The Littlest Angel, the classic children's Christmas picture book, has beautiful illustrations by artist Guy Porfirio. While there are many editions of this children's Christmas picture book, which was written by Charles Tazewell in 1946, this is my favorite.

Children's Books - Top 3-D Christmas Books for Children and Adults
These Christmas pop-up books by Jan Pietnkowski and Robert Sabuda are more than just children's books. They are beautifully designed 3-D treasures that the entire family will enjoy. They include "The First Noel," "The First Christmas," "The Christmas Alphabet," "The 12 Days of Christmas: A Pop-Up Celebration" and "The Night Before Christmas."

The First Noel
The First Noel, a 3D carousel Christmas book by Jan Pietñkowski, with its five scenes from the Bible story of the birth of Jesus, is a children's book that delights children and adults alike.

Top 10 Children's Christmas Picture Books of 2005 and 2006
If you are looking for children's Christmas picture books, these Christmas picture books for children, all of which were published in 2005, represent some of this year’s “cream of the crop.”

Children's Kwanzaa Books - Kwanzaa Books for Children
If you are looking for a Kwanzaa book for your child, here are my top picks of Kwanzaa books for children, including several children's picture books and a Kwanzaa crafts book, all of which can be used for character education and all of which are excellent children's books.

Groundhog Day - A Children's Informational Picture Book About Groundhog Day
"Groundhog Day" is a children's informational picture book about Groundhog Day. This 24-page nonfiction children's book provides a fascinating look at the origins and celebration of Groundhog Day.

"Tales from Old Ireland"
Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with this collection of Irish folktales and fairy tales from Barefoot Books.

Top 5 Children's Books About April Fools' Day
Celebrate April Fool’s Day with these children’s books. They include children’s picture books and children’s books for beginning readers about April Fool’s Day.

Top Picks: Children's Easter Books
These are recommended children's books about Holy Week, Easter customs, and the Easter Bunny that are suitable for ages 4-10 years old.

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever is a funny chapter book that also takes a look at the real meaning of Christmas.

The Christmas Wish
The Christmas Wish is a magical picture book that will delight young children, as well as the whole family.

Passover: Celebrating Now Remembering Then
Passover: Celebrating Now Remembering Then is a children's picture book about the Jewish celebration of Passover and the Seder. The children's Passover picture book Passover: Celebrating Now Remembering Then was written by Harriet Ziefert and illustrated with the paintings of Karla Gudeon.

Top Picks: Children's Easter Board Books
These children's Easter board books focus on Easter candy, Easter eggs, and the Easter bunny, as well as an age appropriate introduction to the biblical story of Easter.

"Wonders and Miracles: A Passover Companion"
The elegant design, exquisite artwork, and fascinating contents make "Wonders and Miracles: A Passover Companion" a recommended book for both children and adults.

Celebrate Passover
Celebrate Passover is part of the National Geographic Society's Holidays Around the World series for children in grades one to four. Like the other children's nonfiction books in the Holidays Around the World series, the book's emphasis is on how the holiday, in this case, Passover, is celebrated around the world.

Children's Books That Celebrate America
Dont just celebrate being an American on the Fourth of July. Celebrate year round with these books for third through seventh graders.

Children's Books About the Jewish Holiday Passover
Here are recommended children’s books about Passover. Find a children's Passover book for your child from this selection of books for all ages. You'll find Passover stories, songs, recipes, artwork, symbols, traditions, activities, and much more.

Los Gatos Black on Halloween
This Halloween picture book with its creepy illustrations and poems will appeal to 8-12 year olds who love Halloween picture books and poems about ghouls, ghosts, werewolves and other creepy things.

Celebrate Independence Day
Celebrate Independence Day is one of the children's books in the nonfiction Holidays Around the World series that is published by the National Geogrpahic Society.

The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes
Reading The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes is a family tradition for some families who have shared this classic children's Easter picture book for several generations.

Ideas for Homemade Halloween Costumes Based on Children's Books
Readers are invited to respond with ideas for homemade Halloween costumes for kids, particularly easy-to-make Halloween costumes, no-sew Halloween costumes and homemade low-cost Halloween costumes.

Jan Brett's Christmas Treasury
Jan Brett's Christmas Treasury is a beautiful oversize children's picture book, containing seven of her most popular winter and holiday children's stories. Read my book review to find out why Jan Brett's Christmas Treasury will not only delight your child, but the entire family as well. I recommend this Christmas collection by Jan Brett for the...

Family Christmas Traditions - Readers Respond with Christmas Traditions
What are your family's Christmas traditions? Share yours and read about the Christmas traditions of other families. These include classic Christmas stories, music, movies and recipes.

Christmas Classics
This Christmas classics article includes classic Christmas books for children and families, classic Christmas movies and classic Christmas recipes.

The Birth of Jesus in Children's Books

Here is my annotated list of the best children's books about the birth of Jesus, almost all of which are Christmas picture books. I recommend these as the best kids' books about the birth of Jesus.

Christmas Is Here - Book Review
Christmas Is Here, is a children's holiday picture book that celebrates the relationship between a live Nativity scene and the Bible story of the Nativity.

Richard Scarry's Best Christmas Book Ever!
Richard Scarry's Best Christmas Book Ever! will delight young children. Children's books by Richard Scarry have have delighted generations of children. Richard Scarry's Best Christmas Book Ever! includes stories, games, a craft activity and more.

Patrick, Patron Saint of Ireland
Read Patrick, Patron Saint of Ireland, the picture book about the life of St. Patrick, written and illustrated by Tomie dePaola, as part of your celebration of St. Patrick's Day. Patrick, Patron Saint of Ireland by Tomie dePaola also include legends about St. Patrick.

Celebrate Easter
Celebrate Easter is one of the nonfiction children's books in the Holidays Around the World series published by National Geographic. For nonfiction kids' books about Easter that emphasize the Christian celebration of Easter, I recommend you read Celebrate Easter from the Holidays Around the World series.

A Christmas Goodnight
Use A Christmas Goodnight to introduce young children to the story of the first Christmas and the relationship of a Nativity set to the Bible story of the birth of Jesus

A New Year's Reunion
A New Year's Reunion is a children's picture book that provides children with a look at one family's poignant celebration of the Chinese New Year in contemporary China.

The Very Fairy Princess Follows Her Heart
The Very Fairy Princess Follows Her Heart is a good picture book for Valentine's Day.

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