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The Littlest Angel

A New Edition of a Christmas Classic

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Kids Christmas book The Littlest Angel
The Littlest Angel, a poignant classic children's Christmas book by Charles Tazewell, was first published in 1946. Warm and beautiful paintings by Guy Porfirio illustrate the 2004 edition of The Littlest Angel. The story is simple and inspiring. Of all of the edititons of this classic, this is my favorite one.

The Littlest Angel: The Story

A little boy who has recently become the littlest angel in heaven is unhappy and homesick. He drives the other angels to distraction with his piercing whistle and slipping halo. Finally, he is sent to see "an angel of peace." The littlest angel dreads the meeting, postponing it as long as possible.

To the littlest angel's surprise, the Understanding Angel really does understand how he feels and responds to his wish for the little box of treasures he left under his bed at home. With his treasures to keep him company, the littlest angel is happy and well behaved, to the delight of the other angels.

When Jesus is born, the littlest angel thinks long and hard about the proper gift for the Christ Child. He finally decides on his little box of treasures, which includes such things as a butterfly, a bird's egg, and several stones. However, as he approaches the Christ Child, he is struck with fear that his gift is not good enough, "...that instead of honoring the Son of God, he had been most blasphemous."

He weeps bitter tears and attempts to run away. Then, God speaks and says, "Of all the gifts of all the angels, I find this small box pleases me most." The box began to glow so brightly that the other angels can't see. As the story ends, only the littlest angel sees the box rise to the sky and become the star of Bethlehem.

The Littlest Angel: What Makes This Edition Special?

The artwork by Guy Porfirio is what makes the story come alive in a way it did not in other editions. I think it's because these paintings touch the emotions, enabling the reader/listener to identify with the littlest angel's homesickness, his joy at receiving his box of treasures, his resolve to give it to the Christ Child, his fear and sorrow when he thinks it's not enough, and the glory of seeing his gift become the star of Bethlehm.

The Littlest Angel: Guide Recommendation

This is a beautiful story, beautifully illustrated. This edition of The Littlest Angel is one that many families will enjoy reading together every Christmas. (Ideals Children's Books, 2004. ISBN: 0824954734)

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