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Christmas Picture Books for Kids


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The Twelve Days of Christmas
Cover art of The Twelve Days of Christmas children's Christmas picture book
Marshall Cavendish
Title: The Twelve Days of Christmas

Author: Lyrics of classic English Christmas carol, author unknown

Illustrator: Gennady Spirin, who grew up near Moscow and received his art education there

Recommended for Ages: All Ages

Story: It's hard to believe that artist Gennady Spirin's rich and elegant illustrations were created with watercolors and colored pencils. His paintings add delightful new meaning to the lyrics of the classic English Christmas carol "The Twelve Days of Christmas." The pages become more and more crowded with colorful activities and fascinating details as more and more people, objects and birds take up space once occupied by only a pear tree and a partridge. This edition of The Twelve Days of Christmas will delight all ages.

Throughout the book, the same stylized format is used for each double-page spread depicting one of the twelve days. On one page is an oval painting on a white background. The painting shows a partridge in a pear tree plus, with each passing day, more and more of the items mentioned in the song lyrics. As you look at the oval painting, you will feel as if you are looking through a window on to a different time and place. Each page with a painting faces a page with the appropriate song lyrics, with the first two lines in gold and the remaining lines in green. Suggesting the oval shape of the painting are the two curved garlands of greenery and pears that rest above and below the words.

The richness of the colors, the imaginative touches, such as the multicolored parrots representing the "Four calling birds," and the intriguing details make each illustration a delight. It's also fun to see the pear tree, which is very prominent in the foreground of the first few paintings move further and further back as more and more animals, objects and people are added to each illustration.

"The Twelve Days of Christmas" is a very popular Christmas tune. At the end of the book, the music and lyrics of "The Twelve Days of Christmas" are provided, as well as notes about the origins of the song. The Twelve Days of Christmas would make a good gift for a family since this illustrated version can be enjoyed by family members of all ages.

Copyright: 2009

Publisher: Marshall Cavendish

ISBN: 9780761455516

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