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Christmas Picture Book Favorites


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The Littlest Angel
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Children's Christmas Picture Book - "The Littlest Angel"

Ideals Children's Books


I visited the public library and several bookstores and read lots of children's picture books about Christmas to bring you this guide to some favorite Christmas picture books. Here you will find cover art and information about 10 children's books.

The Littlest Angel

This poignant classic by Charles Tazewell was first published in 1946. The 2004 edition has warm and beautiful paintings by Guy Porfirio to illustrate it. The story is simple and inspiring. A little boy, who has become the littlest angel in heaven, is unhappy and homesick. When the Understanding Angel responds to the littlest angel's request for the box of treasures he left at home, the littlest angel is happy. When he decides to give his box of treasures to the Christ Child, it is a great act of love. However, he fears that his gift is not good enough and experiences great sorrow until God tells him, “I find this small box pleases me most.”

The new illustrations by Guy Porfirio add to the poignancy of the story and create an emotional bond between the reader and the little boy struggling to adjust to his new role as "the littlest angel." Even if you already own another edition of The Littlest Angel, I highly recommend you take a look at this one. For more about the book, read my full review. (Ideals Children's Books, 2004. ISBN: 0824954734)

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