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Children's Poetry Books About Winter


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Winter Eyes: Poems and Paintings
Winter Eyes by Douglas Florian - cover art of childrens poetry book about winter
Winter Eyes is a collection of 28 poems written and illustrated by Douglas Florian. There are humorous poems and simple poems that celebrate (or decry) the season, as well as a few concrete poems. The poems all express a child's view of winter, from the joys of sledding, skating, and other fun in the snow to the annoyances of slush and runny noses. Florian's watercolor and colored pencil illustrations also reflect a child's perspective. Douglas Florian's books include Insectlopedia, Mammalabilia, Summersaults, and Autumnblings. I recommend Winter Eyes for all ages. Compare prices. (Greenwillow, An Imprint of HarperCollins, 1999. ISBN: 0688164587)

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