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School Issues

Starting school, making friends, learning to read, and dealing with school problems are some of the issues dealt with in these children's books.

Schooled by Gordon Korman
Schooled, a middle grade novel novel by Gordon Korman deals with school bullying with humor and heart.

Children's Books Review - Little School
"Little School" by Beth Norling is a busy, cheerful picture book that highlights an active day of fun and learning for the 20 four year old children who attend the nursery school / preschool / daycare center.

Best Children's Picture Books About Starting School
If starting school is an issue with your kids, these children's picture books can help with them prepare for starting preschool, kindergarten or first grade.

Children's Books About the First 100 Days of School
Celebrating the first 100 days of school is a big deal in many elementary schools. Find out what it's all about with these favorite picture books about the first 100 days and the 100th day celebration.

The Skinny on Bullying
I recommend The Skinny on Bullying for kids, particularly those in middle school, who want to know more about bullies and bullying, including cyberbullying, particularly strategies to stop bullying.

Sam and Gram and the First Day of School
I recommend Sam and Gram and the First Day of School if your child is apprehensive about going to school to kindergarten or first grade and you want a book that also provides tips on discussing school with your child.

Share Favorite Picture Books About Starting School - Readers Respond
Share your family's favorite picture books about starting school and learn about other families' favorites.

Getting Ready for School: First Day Jitters
This is an excellent children's book for the elementary school student who is apprehensive about changing schools. It's also perfect for a new teacher. This picture book was written by Julie Danneberg and features very amusing illustrations by Judy Love.

Preparing for Kindergarten
These three picture books are entertaining and provide a good introduction to kindergarten. Children will enjoying hearing them again and again as they prepare for their first day of kindergarten and may also enjoy comparing and contrasting the stories with their own experiences once school starts.

Jake Drake Series
I recommend the Jake Drake series by Andrew Clements. These short and entertaining chapter books deal with school issues, like bullying.

Each Kindness
Each Kindness is a sensitively told and illustrated picture book about an important school issue: bullying.

The Kissing Hand
The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn is a comforting picture book about starting school; it is also a comforting book for any child in need of reassurance due to change or tragedy.

First Grade Jitters
First Grade Jitters Book Review: First Grade Jitters by Robert Quackenbush is the story of a little boy who is worried about what it will be like when he starts first grade.

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