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Crafts Books For Kids


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Cover Art - Knotting - Crafts Book for Kids
Kids Can Press
Boy and girls who love sports will particularly like Knotting because it contains directions for a basketball net and a sports bag. Other projects include a whistle lanyard, guitar strap, rope swing, rope ladder, and a braided dog leash.

The instructions for each project include a materials list, step-by-step illustrated directions, and a color photograph of the completed project. The book begins with an illustrated introduction to rope, with information about the parts of a rope, binding rope, coiling rope, and measuring rope, then provides directions for seven basic knots. In addition to directions for nine useful projects, directions are also provided for making a display board of knots, which might be a good Scout or school project. I recommend the book for kids eight and up, as well as adults interested in knotting. (Kids Can Press, 2006. ISBN: 9781553378341) Compare prices.

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