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Top 3 Guide Picks - Top Three Children's Dictionaries


A children's dictionary may be your child's first reference book. While many of the components of a dictionary are standard, you will find that individual dictionaries differ. Here is information on three dictionaries I recommend. Does this mean that they are the only good dictionaries available? Of course not. It means that after reviewing a lot of dictionaries, I felt these had a lot to offer.

1. Webster's New World Children's Dictionary

This edition includes a CD-Rom with word learning games and an electronic dictionary. The book features colorful illustrations, a detailed guide to using the dictionary, a 22-page thesaurus, and a reference section. The pages of the 900+ page book are sturdy, and the type is easy to read. Other features include sections on synonyms and word histories. (Macmillan, 2000. ISBN: 0028631250)
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2. Thorndike Barnhart Children's Dictionary

The book has more than 800 sturdy pages, covers 35,000 words, uses a good sized type, and has a number of special features. These include 1,100+ color photos and other artwork, a 14 page reference section, and color spreads on a variety of topics. There is information on how to use the dictionary, as well as synonym studies and word source sections. (Addison Wesley, 1999. ISBN: 0673589331)
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3. The American Heritage Children's Dictionary

This dictionary contains many interesting color photographs. It provides a very brief introduction to using the dictionary. It is more than 800 pages long and features a four page thesaurus, a 10 page section on phonics and spelling, and a reference section. It also contains information on word usage, synonyms, building vocabulary, and word histories. (Houghton Mifflin, 1998. ISBN: 0395857392)
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