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Readers Respond: How do you feel about the Twilight series as a teen/tween book series?

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From the article: The Twilight Saga
The Twilight book series has proven enormously popular with both adults and teens, as well as tweens (ages 9-12). How do you feel about the Twilight series? Is it a good series for teens? tweens? Share your opinion as to the appropriate age?


I have read the first two books an I love them! I'm 12. The age group they are recommended for. I don't think kids under 12 should read these books. Here's why.... 1. They involve sex. 2. Do you really want your 7 year old reading a book about a 17 year old girl who literally goes crazy over a boy? 3. They are not for 7 year olds they just aren't. Now I'm almost 13 and I still can't read the last 2. I feel like my mom treats me like a baby:(
—Guest Kittie kat

Breaking Dawn

I'm so gonna read all the Twilight books on my 17th birthday (12/22/94) this year.
—Guest Anna Dunlope

Oh wow

I'm 11 and I've read the first book. It's was really good and it was very appropriate. My mom would let me read the 2nd one, but the only way to get the book is from school, and they won't let us get the 2nd or 3rd without a note from our parent....I don't know....is there something inappropriate or something in it? But I know what all of it means and I'm used to curse words....I'm very mature so nothing really surprises me in the books.
—Guest AllSmiles:DDDD

Love First 3, Not Allowed to Read 4th

I'm 12 and my friends and I are all obsessed with the first three books, but I'm not allowed to read the fourth:( And it's really bumming me out that 9 year olds have read the whole series and I'm not allowed to! I'm trying to convince my mom that it's fine to read Breaking Dawn, but she is standing her ground! I'm not gonna give up!
—Guest Emily

interesting idea - poor writing

Read the saga twice after the film. For the first time, I thought the language was a bit simple.. quite simple - easy to understand for all ages, but too simple for those who read a lot The idea of the book is rather interesting but one always hopes for the better ending. It did not happen. After the first reading of the whole series, I couldn't but treat Bella as a strange neurotic suicidal masochistic personality. The same feeling remained after the second reading as well. I won't read it for the third time. This book is obviously not for those with fragile minds.
—Guest Olga

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