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Readers Respond: Which favorite kids' books from your childhood have you shared with your kids?

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What are some of your favorite books from childhood that you have shared with your children? Share the titles and a little information about your favorites. Share Your Favorites


I don't remember being read to as a kid, I srettad reading at 5 and never looked back. I do remember my grandmother telling me stories that she would make up. She was a wonderful story teller and most times the stories were fantastic recounts of her carefree youth swinging on grapevines and running through the woods with her dog. Sometimes they were scary, realistic but scary. I'm not talking fire-breathing dragon scary, I'm talking bad men kidnap little girls scary! For years I had nightmares that I really think were due to these stories so I am very mindful about books that I read to Max. I think the reality of death is a necessary fear that kids need to process and I even think at some point the reality of evil has to be dealt with but not at the expense of our children's peace of mind. Their youth is precious and while we don't want them to be oblivious to reality, one of our jobs is to help them retain their innocent wonder as they discover the world around them!
—Guest elvWOdGaKjKEYR

Secret of Crossbone Hill JWR

I found that book in my Gram's attic when I was a child and just loved it. Now, it goes to my nephew. Little Orphan Annie was another favorite (again, from Gram) that I read to them at Halloween.
—Guest guest

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Which favorite kids' books from your childhood have you shared with your kids?

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