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Readers Respond: What do your kids think of the 39 Clues series?

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From the article: The 39 Clues Book Series
What do your kids think of the 39 Clues series? What do they like best and least about the series? Have they played with the 39 Clues Clue Cards or the online 39 Clues activities? What do you think of the 39 Clues series of books, the cards and the Web site? For what ages do you think the 39 Clues series is best suited?


These books are great! They're fictional, but they've captivated me for years. I especially love Amy and Dan, and Grace. Apparently Grace didn't tell them anything about the hunt so they wouldn't get greedy for the serum and do the right thing. The bottom line is: AWESOME.
—Guest 39c93

Omg the Best books ever

Ever since I read the firsts book have been hooked. I love how Amy is the one who always trys to keep it all calm and safe. Dan Is the one who would jump in front of a bus.... just for fun! :) I love this series and I hope you do too.
—Guest 39 Clues are the best


I have read the first 3 books. I am OBSESSED. I Love how Amy is mature, helpful and loves books, but also freezes when around a lot of people. And I love how Dan is a normal boy who loves video games, ninjas, etc. and also immature, but solves a lot of hints and right when his sister Amy thinks nothing can save them or "Dan you can never do it!" or something that he then does; the book doesn't say Amy doing it but she hangs her mouth wide open in awe. And Nellie is cool; she thinks of some stuff, too. Ian and Natalie are ruthless. The Holt family are, well if you could take a dinosaur and give it vocabulary and turn it to a human, they would be it. Alastair Oh, making microwave burritos is funny, and Irina Spasky, a former KGB agent. Ian and Natalie have ruthlessness, Irina has contact with the KGB, Jonah and Alastair Oh have fortune, The Holts have brute strength, Amy and Dan only have wits all for a chance to change the world forever. So, only one question left - Who will win the Race for the 39 Clues?
—Guest #1 39 Clues Fan

I Love This Series!

I love this series! It's so gripping! I'm so obsessed with it! I love the characters; Amy and Dan are great main characters, and I love the minor characters, too! And everyone grows throughout the series: Hamilton learns to stand up to his dad; Natalie and Ian learn that their mum isn't a very good person; Eisenhower learns that winning isn't everything; Irina learns that she can have second chances; and Alistair learns to keep promises. I also like all the things that they learned about during the hunt, like Mobius strip and Anne Bonny.
—Guest Guest 39 Clues Girl

39 clues awesome

The books are awesome for all ages. The vocabulary words teach and they are the best mystery series ever.
—Guest sward16


I am in love with the series and I have ALL the books and love them to death. The characters are very entertaining and the plot is fantastic. Each book is written by different authors; in total there are 10 books. Best series I have ever read!
—Guest 39 clues lover

Age Recommendations Are Important

This set of books, while they can be entertaining, should be read by the ages they recommend, 8-12, as children older than that can get quickly bored with them. My daughter and nephew were 11 when the books started coming out. We all read often and I saw this new series starting with an online game, what could be better, right? They got bored with the books around the third one and they were turning 13, just too easy of a read for they're age. Now my 8-year-old is loving the books and cards. Maybe I'll get her to read the whole series ;-)
—Guest Denise

Fun Mystery for Kids

My 7-year-old daughter is obsessed with these books. The series sets up an exciting mystery story for kids and about kids. There is excitement, danger, intrigue, and even a couple of deaths, but it is all written for kids, so there is nothing graphic or too disturbing. Another good thing is that as Dan and Amy (the main characters) travel the world, they learn about real historical people and places, so kids get little snippets about folks like Benjamin Franklin. The content in the books is best suited for kids ages 9-13, in my opinion. Amy experiences some brief romantic feelings for a boy character in the book, and there are some elements of the mystery that deal with some pain and sorrow, like the past deaths of Amy and Dan's parents. I read each book before my daughter did and enjoyed them. My daughter read the series mostly by herself, but there were a couple of chapters in a couple of the books that I read with her, skimming over certain parts.
—Guest 39 Clues Family

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