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Readers Respond: Share Your Favorite Kids' Books to Read Aloud

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What are the names of some of the children's books that you have particularly enjoyed reading aloud to your children? What is there about them that makes them your favorite read alouds? Be sure and include the ages for which you recommend each book. Why are they favorites?

I let my kids read aloud

I homeschool my two daughters, 9 & 10. We recently found a couple of books online that have a book in the front and a script of the same story in the back. The girls love acting out the characters and making sound effects. I notice the difference in their inflections and how they give meaning to the lines. Their reading used to be rote. It's really improved. The stories are Creepers Mysteries. One is Haunted Cattle Drive and the other is Toadies. Adding a little drama to reading aloud is a lot of fun!

Old and new

I particularly like reading old stories such as Hans Christian Anderson stories, like the Ugly Duckling, and Aesop's fables, like The Fox and the Grapes. I also like to get them modern stories even on the e-book platform and one I found recently and we have been enjoying is called My Caribbean Day. It gives my children a glimpse into a different culture.
—Guest Darren

Kids love funny stories...

When I did the library program I would read Click Clack Moo. I had the students participate with stuffed animals when their animal had something to say in the story. I wore a farmer's hat and read the story. My kindergarten students just loved it. Student participation creates enthusiasm and helps students to focus and listen. Our third grade students love the pigeon series of books by Mo Willims. They love to participate in the story. A great book to illustrate tone! Thanks for writing your newsletter Elizabeth. As a teacher and parent, I so enjoy it!
—Guest Debbie

Read, Read, Read

My dad, who is 89, always took me to the library. We always read at night together. One of my favorite stories was Chicken Little. I still have some of my favorite books which are over 40 years old. I have 2 girls and one loves to read. The other one is not a fan. I took them to the library program at 3 years old so they could participate in the fingerplays and stories. The kids brought their blankets and were in their pajamas. Great fun! An activity like this helps children to learn how to sit, listen, and take turns when questions are asked. I also had my children listen to books on tape-a favorite of my older daughter. I am a teacher and the best advice I could give to a parent is read to your children each day. You model fluency and tone of voice. Ask your kids questions about what they see in the story, make predictions, ask them about the characters. We do this with our students in school all the time. As students get older, you can take turns reading a more challenging book.
—Guest Debbie

HOUR of ST. MICHAEL read aloud

It was suggested at Authonomy by a teacher of middle grade students that Hour of St. Michael is a good read aloud book. Kind regards, mkildor

My favorite read alouds

For picture books, some of my favorites are Kiss the Cow and Rattletrap Car by Phyllis Root, and Duck in the Truck by Jez Alborough. All three have great cadence when reading and my kids loved them in preschool through early elementary. Now, my kids range from 1st through 5th grade and love it when I read the Percy Jackson series and Harry Potter series, especially when I give each character their own voice. They also love the Weird School series and Roald Dahl books.
—Guest Michele

Why are they favorites?

Share Your Favorite Kids' Books to Read Aloud

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